Pitchfork Music Festival – Union Park – Chicago, IL – 7-17-2016 – Day Three

Day three. The last stand. 

Glad you stuck around this long. I’m impressed. And aren’t you glad you didn’t have to hangout with me for three day music festival, waiting in line as we pitter-patter our feet in unison hoping the porta-potty hasn’t overrun past its sanitary levels? Yeah, me neither.

Regardless, remember when A Tribe Called Quest told us they got the jazz? Well, by some outstanding chance Union Park hosted a quality amount of it to start day three.  

So, read on as we get past this contrived beginning and let’s enjoy day three, shall we?

The Sun Ra Arkestra, with a nearly mystical background (and I urge you to look it up), ignited day three with a jazz filled set that most in the crowd were probably not expecting. But those blind expectations only sweetened the band’s free-flowing and smiled-filled set.

Recommended listening:

When Kamasi Washington’s band started out with the indistinguishable notes of Miles Davis, well, everyone just knew exacly were this set was going. The stage presence from Kamasi and his band was nothing short of captivating due to their musical chops. They know how to play their instruments (understatement of the weekend no doubt). Saxist, Kamasi Washington is making jazz cool all over again. 

Recommended listening:

Neon Indian’s set…well how the hell can you expect NOT to dance during a music festival weekend. Everyone in attendance had the chance to do so as the band played amply from their latest album VEGA INTL. Night School. Fun. Catchy. Nostalgic. Fantastic set.

Recommended listening:

FKA Twigs closed the night to a mesmerized crowd. And it isn’t hard to understand the hypnotism when you consider what type of performance she puts (I mean have you seen her dance moves?) and how unique she is in today’s musical landscape.

Recommended listening:

Sure, the 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival is over. But with any music festival the real fun is in discovering new bands, songs, or, musical styles. So, I hope this relatively small snapshot of the weekend turns you on to something new!

Until next time friends…


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