Pitchfork Music Festival – Union Park – Chicago, IL – 7-16-17 – Day Three

Day 3 haiku recap. You’ve been a gracious audience. 

2:51 CST

Derrick Carter
DJ Dance-y Jeff

Would be more fitting nickname

Crowd is loving it

3:41 CST

Isaiah Rashad

Very chilled out set

People basking in the sun

Makes you sit and think

4:14 CST

Joey Perp

This crowd is raucous 

Joey’s attacking the mic

Hands high in the air

4:47 CST

Hamilton Leithauser

Sun is shinning now

Couple slow dances, kissing

Crooning the crowd away

6:50 CST

Jamila Woods

A voice smooth as silk

Soul music at it’s finest

Remember the name

9:12 CST


Think you all Knowles her

Sweet, sweet sounds of soul music
Price of admission 

This ends the 3rd day haiku recap.

10:00 CST (no more haikus, sadly)

Pitchfork Music Festival 2017 was beyond a success with the only sore spot being The Avalanches unfortunate sad cancellation due to a severe illness in a group member’s family. 

Regardless, I provided the what, who, where, when, but maybe the why is a question mark. 

We sometimes congregate together as family members in music. We become a unit in musical stanzas that tend to trancend what we can describe at times.

The most important part to take away from this weekend is that we, as a people, can be generous, understanding, loving, caring, helpful, and forever grateful to the musical artist we love. 

Unity is not something we should take for granted. We need it now more than ever. 


Pitchfork Music Festival – Union Park – Chicago, IL – 7-15-17 – Day Two

This is the day two haiku recap.

2:51 CST

Cherry Glazerr

Keyboard mania

Songs that lift you into space

Ripping guitar riffs

4:30 CST

George Clinton and & Parliament Funkadelic

This is a party

Premier set of the weekend

Flashlight…Atomic Dog!

5:51 CST

The Feelies

The jingle jangle

of the guitars soothe the crowd

Masses are dancing

6:38 CST

Angel Olsen

Her band is in suits

Singer-songwriter type mood

Crowd grasps on her words

7:58 CST

PJ Harvey

Everyone in black

But this was no funeral

A spirited set

9:15 CST

A Tribe Called Quest

Empty mic for Phife

A show for the ages, yo’

Real hip-hop legends

This ends the day two haiku recap. Not sure how this day will be beat.

Pitchfork Music Festival – Union Park – Chicago, IL – 7-14-17 – Day One

This is the haiku recap of day one.

3:01 PM CST (this is the intro)

Rumble of the L

You can hear in the background

Band saunters to stage

Hiss Golden Messenger

Folk-pop is their style

Piano sounds like the Stones

Biloxi shout out

4:10 to Yuma CST (I know it should be 3:10 but just work with me here)

Vince Staples

Had orange backdrop

Gauging crowd for the mic drop

He won them over

6:09 CST (not on purpose that was the time I recorded)

Danny Brown

He reminds me of

Sir Smoke A Lot From Half Baked

Enjoyable set

6:59 CST


Crowd had too much fun

Kamaiyah was killing it

Should be more well-known

7:19 CST

Dirty Projectors

Union Park is full

The crowd sways with each new hit

It’s a home run set

8:27 CST

LCD Soundsystem

Want to dance all night?

Then this is the set you want

dance yrself clean, please

This concludes the haiku recap of day one.