Lollapalooza Day Three – Grant Park – Chicago, IL – 8-5-17

This is the day three truth or false recap of Lollapalooza.

The Shelters

Only band to ever hail from Antarctica.


This no nonsense rock band from LA brought three things with them today: wailing riffs, blistering solos, and late 60’s Yardbirds’-tinged melodies. All were apart of a successful equation. Add Tom Petty’s seal of approval and this band might be much higher in the bill the next time they play Lollapalooza. Recommended listening.

Ron Gallo

Coined the term, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

FALSE (that was George Costanza, obviously)

Ron Gallo played a furious set filled with in your face garage rock oomph. However, it comes at you with an underlying wink and a nod smartness. And what’s not to love about the set ending melt-your-face off rendition of Helter Skelter. Spririted set.


Pronounced All-vays (like a Transylvania vampire).


It’s actually just always. Undoubtedly pop to the core, this Toronto based band actually had drive a van to Chicago due to inclement weather in Toronto. So, no, their arms are not tired (groan). Forlorn love and getting-my-life together angst was in their message and they did it well.

Royal Blood

Rocked the living life out of Lollapalooza.


Listen, the immediate comparisons to The White Stripes and Black Keys is too hard not to ignore. And with any modern rock duo coming up it’s hard to espace. The trick is to make more with less. So, every drum bear and guitar riff has to matter. Everything becomes magnified.

But, ultimately, this is what makes Royal Blood work. They found the key to that sound.

Monolithic blues rock riffs and head pulsing percussion will do that. And the headbanging crowd was proof of that success.

One of the best sets of the weekend, by far. If you’re a fan of blues rock please seek them. Highly recommended.


Named after the street name of an organic farmed joint.


Actually typing this on a Mac keyboard will lead you to the answer. But the ever popular indy rock band certainly brought their brand of moody rock and pop rock demeanor. But with a crowd eagerly anticipating Chance The Rapper on the Grant Park stage, the atmosphere did not seem entirely genuine. Nevertheless, they worked with what they had to offer.

Chance The Rapper

Lollapalooza left disappointed.


The hotly anticipated homecoming, of sorts, for the nearly mythical folk hero of the masses in Chicago finally arrived. It was part sing-a-long, introspection, freak out, civic pride, and overwhelming support for a near iconic Chicago figure.

It appears every time Chance The Rapper plays Lollapalooza the pageantry grows. And in reprocrocity he continues to give back, not only to his fans, but to his city.

The legend continues and he’s making damn sure he’s not leaving it to chance alone.


Lollapalooza Day Two – Grant Park – Chicago, IL – 8-4-17

This is the day two truth or false recap of Lollapalooza.


…is my middle name.


This grunge trio started a gloomy day with punk riffs and blazing blues-surf rock overtones. Lead guitarist and singer Leah Wellhbaum was a impressive. Check them out!


Endorsed by Scott Paper Towels.


The Scandinavian chanteuse brought her soothing vocals to a receptive crowd. Impressive set.

The Lemon Twigs

The D’Addario brothers were former child actors.


Now instead of a closed studio set they played outdoors on a partly cloudy day in Grant Park. You can’t help but hear The Beatles boroque rock in their music. Cheery set.


Named after an optical illusion.


The self proclaimed electro rock act engulfed the Grant Park stage in a hazy spacey guitars and galloping percussive beats. The crowd and band were working in unity.

Foster the People

Did a billion people see this band at the Bud Light stage?


Playing in front of an enormous crowd, the band played all their hits and the crowd voraciously consumed every one of them with glee.

The Killers

Too obvious to create a true or statement.

[imagine what the scene appeared to be since my camera was useless]

Playing covers of Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins, Starlight by Muse, and their long standing rention of Shadowplay by Joy Division, The Killers no doubt played a crowd friendly set. A commanding set.

Lollapalooza Day One – Grant Park – Chicago, IL – 8-3-17

This is the true or false recap of Lollapalooza. 

White Reaper

The death reaper dressed in white finally loosened up and started a band.


This rock and roll band from Kentucky actually is the antonym of death. In fact, they’re full of life and catchy riffs! Fun set. 


This band English band will launch you to the space time continuum.


If you know their friend Sativa it might actually launch you into another dimension! Psychedelic blues and rock at a premium. If you’re a fan of Tame Impala then have a listen.

Liam Gallagher 

He was in band called Oasis.


Still brit-rock-pop to the core. And that eternal fued with his brother Noel continues. And still cantankerous to the core. Set cut 40 minutes short. 

George Ezra

Is he Better Than Ezra?


Well, this Englishman has the pipes to lean towards true. With a breezy backdrop, it was a chilled respite set. 

Cage The Elephant 

Wait, wait, wait…do they cage elephants?


In fact, Cage The Elephant had the set of the night. Lead singer Matt Shultz is a maniac…in every possible positive sense. Mick Jagger for the modern ages. 


Wait, wait, wait Spoon is a utensil? 


Probably the most consistent band in modern rock. Just like using a spoon is consistent in scooping up cereal. Don’t use a spork Communist.


Lorde did it rain?


A few songs in and it was all over. Grant Park was deluge by rain. Rain ponchos had no chance…(the rapper). 

So, here we are. Slightly disappointed. Very wet and devoid of any climax. 

Lollapalooza day one was an incomplete grade. The worst kind of grade. You’ll live without a proper grade…relax.