Pitchfork Music Festival – Union Park – Chicago, IL – 7-14-17 – Day One

This is the haiku recap of day one.

3:01 PM CST (this is the intro)

Rumble of the L

You can hear in the background

Band saunters to stage

Hiss Golden Messenger

Folk-pop is their style

Piano sounds like the Stones

Biloxi shout out

4:10 to Yuma CST (I know it should be 3:10 but just work with me here)

Vince Staples

Had orange backdrop

Gauging crowd for the mic drop

He won them over

6:09 CST (not on purpose that was the time I recorded)

Danny Brown

He reminds me of

Sir Smoke A Lot From Half Baked

Enjoyable set

6:59 CST


Crowd had too much fun

Kamaiyah was killing it

Should be more well-known

7:19 CST

Dirty Projectors

Union Park is full

The crowd sways with each new hit

It’s a home run set

8:27 CST

LCD Soundsystem

Want to dance all night?

Then this is the set you want

dance yrself clean, please

This concludes the haiku recap of day one.