The Art of Buying Lollapalooza Tickets


Lollapalooza’s Website at 10am = The Blue Screen of Death:

Lollapalooza 3-day tickets/passes/wristbands (whatever you want to call them) officially went on sale today and sold out in about an hour. If anyone tried to purchase them as 10am, they might as well have been seeing the image above.


Lollapalooza’s homepage and Front Gate’s website crashed in an endless loop. For those of you lucky enough to get beyond it still reached the dreaded Lollapalooza “stand-by” page. Yes, internet limbo. This thus created:

Social Media Backlash:

Now before I continue, I did get past the dreaded “stand-by” page and will officially be going to Lollapalooza 2014:


So, this gif essentially introduces a Dickens’-like Tale of Two Cities.

Those able to get tickets were unabashedly arrogant. The other half…well, I believe Kimberly Wilkins aka Sweet Brown can concisely express their sentiment:

Facebook and Twitter exploded with expletives and Illuminati theories as to why some people got passes and others didn’t. Some people waited 40+ minutes on this page while others breezed right through it.


Plain and simple…you have to cheat the system to get Lollapalooza tickets now.  The demand is exponentially increasing. Does anyone remember Minority Report?

That’s exactly what’s expected of anyone planning to buy Lollapalooza tickets: multiple interactive screens, virtual hand gesturing, Tom Cruise navigating in a backward pod…you get the idea.

But, sometimes you just need plain luck (as the Lollapalooza lottery draw proved the previous night).

Either way…I lucked out.

Sorry internet buying community.

Single day tickets and the official lineup will be available tomorrow.