Lollapalooza Day One – Grant Park – Chicago, IL – 8-3-17

This is the true or false recap of Lollapalooza. 

White Reaper

The death reaper dressed in white finally loosened up and started a band.


This rock and roll band from Kentucky actually is the antonym of death. In fact, they’re full of life and catchy riffs! Fun set. 


This band English band will launch you to the space time continuum.


If you know their friend Sativa it might actually launch you into another dimension! Psychedelic blues and rock at a premium. If you’re a fan of Tame Impala then have a listen.

Liam Gallagher 

He was in band called Oasis.


Still brit-rock-pop to the core. And that eternal fued with his brother Noel continues. And still cantankerous to the core. Set cut 40 minutes short. 

George Ezra

Is he Better Than Ezra?


Well, this Englishman has the pipes to lean towards true. With a breezy backdrop, it was a chilled respite set. 

Cage The Elephant 

Wait, wait, wait…do they cage elephants?


In fact, Cage The Elephant had the set of the night. Lead singer Matt Shultz is a maniac…in every possible positive sense. Mick Jagger for the modern ages. 


Wait, wait, wait Spoon is a utensil? 


Probably the most consistent band in modern rock. Just like using a spoon is consistent in scooping up cereal. Don’t use a spork Communist.


Lorde did it rain?


A few songs in and it was all over. Grant Park was deluge by rain. Rain ponchos had no chance…(the rapper). 

So, here we are. Slightly disappointed. Very wet and devoid of any climax. 

Lollapalooza day one was an incomplete grade. The worst kind of grade. You’ll live without a proper grade…relax.